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SPN S8 Top 10 #10: Castiel & Fallen Empires

9x01 tomorrow oh god I'm having a moment. Doing the Top 10 thing's been great; it gave me an opportunity to gush about things I liked, but more importantly I was really able to work through the season critically, and locate it in ways I really hadn't when I was marathoning it. I've learned a LOT about S8 these past two weeks, and I'm so glad I had that opportunity before S9 premiered, because I have a much better idea of where I'm at with Show (and to some degree, where Show itself is at, but that's of comparatively lesser concern for me, XP). I'm looking forward to being more engaged with S9 as it airs, too!

My final SPN S8 Top 10 element is this:

Because that's beautiful. Imagine angels as a nation in exile. Heaven is a skeleton, Crowley a king dethroned. Imagine fear in a world that's lost its rules.

I know no one ever watches embedded music videos, but please watch this one. This song is my S8/S9 bridge, chosen primarily with Heaven in mind, but it resonates beautifully with Sam, and Dean, and Castiel individually as well. So while you're waiting for 9x01, play this video, read/listen to the lyrics as they come up in the vid, and really soak it in. Because this is it, guys.

Who's ready?

P.S. The song is "Fallen Empires" by Snow Patrol, and for the line in the vid that reads "raising cities to dust," I'm pretty sure they mean "razing." Though the oppositional dissonance of raising something into dust is actually really fascinating!

(Also can I note the batcave reference, and the fact that burning bushes (if not bush fires) are a common sign associated with the Word of God, in theological/Romantic critique OUTSIDE of SPN world proper? Yeah, this song is perfect. DID YOU SEE ALL OF THOSE PURGATORY REFERENTS. Okay, stopping. Stopping now.)
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