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Potpurri: Milton is the bane of my existence, I am the worst EDG

ALL THE POSTING. I KNOW. But I'm trying really hard this year to own my thoughts, and be brave enough to share them, so this is part of that. Also I just spent three hours discussing Cereus Blooms at Night by Shani Mootoo, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, so if you want to talk about that we can talk about that, too. We can also discuss interventions of the Cold War and material cultures into discourses on race in America, because I went to a great workshop on that today as well. And I really want to read this book. Also also, I have all your 9x03 reactions in a browser window! Will respond tomorrow. Will write my own someday. Hell, I'll probably write seven. But seriously, if this is spammy as hell, please PM me and let me know. PLEASE DON'T JUST QUIETLY RESENT ME. D:

Thoughts for the day, in the order I had them:

1AM: "OMG HELL HAS SEASONS." I was thinking about Milton and the lake of fire Satan was chained to after he was cast out of Heaven in Paradise Lost, and I was trying to remember the location of the lake--was that Hell? Did it become Hell? Was it elsewhere?--which led to me thinking about the transposition of a similar imagery in the vision of Hell we're given in 3x16, which is...green and apparently suffering some kind of electrical storm. But for Sam (and Ruby), it's full of fire. And then, Lucifer claims to burn cold in 5x22. So there's all these myriad imageries attached to SPN's Hell (and also the EconoLodge wing we saw in 8x19--but hey, we know from 6x20 Crowley remodeled. Apparently he's not a fan of mother nature). Even though Hell isn't held to Earth's seasons, since as far as we know it's not a planet and therefore has no orbital patterns (and time there passes absurdly quickly s h r u g) "HELL HAS SEASONS" CLEARLY THE ~SAVVIEST WAY TO RECONCILE THESE DISPARATE IMAGERIES. My 1AM self was proud of myself, idek. I feel like this observation is so four years ago--call me Tracy Bell.

Also, it just snowed here. I'm sure autumn is a season somewhere. Just not here.

11:30AM: "Damn it, I really like that Death reaps God finale idea. But the finale!fic I'm conceptualizing doesn't work with that ending, even though the present ending isn't as good. I totally just cockblocked myself." Please tell me this happens to you guys, too. :\

8:45PM: I was explaining how much I enjoyed Ezekiel's positioning in S9 so far, because he's not cut-and-dry evil, or even necessarily evil. He's just self-interested, a little single-minded, fond of impossible ultimatums, and isn't unwilling to take advantage of the emotional leverage he has over those around him. And then I was like, wait.

That sounds like someone else I know:

Credit: deanwinchestergifs, because that's what you get when you Google "Dean Winchester gifs." Mindblowing!
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