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Over-involved fic writing thoughts!

ONE. If I were going to write an "It happens in Detroit" fic--subtitled "(re)locating race in Supernatural," lol--I'd start with Detroit's 1967 Rebellions. That is, the escalation of social tensions in a racially delineated city quickly losing ground to the foreign automotive industry, and feeling the economic pressure of working-class jobs disappearing in an age of increasing mechanization. Because I mean, 1967, I don't even care that the Impala was built in Janesville, because Wisconsin, Michigan--same difference. XD

I'd also pay mention to the odd racial bubble that was (is?) Cicero, Illinois. It's not quite Lisa Braeden's Cicero, Indiana, but like Wisconsin, it's also close enough for me, and the parallels between a gated community under siege by realtor!changelings and a gated community "threatened" by an incoming Black family is too much for me to pass up.

I could make some excuse for the play between a non-specific, destabilized Midwestern geography and the verbal insistence--indeed, reification--of Detroit as a site of incredible motion, when in truth it's really just a metonym for the wider state of America, and is not, in fact, the site of the Apocalypse, the Apocalypse instead being enacted through a series of invisible, increasingly insidious betrayals that result in a sense of heightened security--A "BUBBLE," IF YOU WILL--only to culminate in an epic crash with repercussions that will clamor for many years to come. Either/both in terms of America's socio-economic plight or/and the epic love story of Sam and Dean.


See, Show, when you say things like "it happens in Detroit" these are the kinds of thoughts I have. I don't care whether you intended them or not, they're your fault. They are all your fault.

TWO. I'm having that writing angst where I conceive of these lovely, emotive, generative scenes for Sam and Dean and then delete everything because I'm 99.99% convinced they would never make it to that point, and that all moments of unabashed, honest relation would have been self-sabotaged long before they ever had a chance to happen.

Which sucks because this is happening at the same time as my annual "sympathy for Dean Winchester" and my "happiness for the Winchesters" moments, and these are very at odds with the Winchesters' adversarial relationship to Goodness! Play nicely, you guys, I just wanna write emotionally healthy fic is that such a hard thing to ask of you because really.

THREE. I really want to write a 9x04 tag where Dean and Kevin drive to Branston, Missouri and eat falafel. Like, this is going to happen.

FOUR. I've conceived of an idea for spn_j2_bigbang. The real question--will I have the cojones to follow through with it? Maybe if I start like, NOW. After falafel.
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, writing

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