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I haven't seen 9x05 yet, so my LJ flist and Twitter are still landmines best avoided, yikes. BUT. hoodie_time is having a themed week starting Monday, November 11, so I'll be putting together goodies for that! Hope to see you there. ;)

I did watch Elementary 2x06 and Law and Order: SVU 15x07, though. I'm a one-show kind of person, but sometimes you need something easy and emotionally uninvested. SPN takes forever to watch because I have to be Ready to watch it and then I need to have a fannish landing strip of appropriate length, haha. XD THESE TWO SHOWS, THOUGH, WATCHING THEM REALLY DOES TAKE 41 MINUTES.

If SPN is the show where omg, everything goes wrong, everyone is terrible, in Elementary everything goes right and everyone is upstanding and the whole thing is utterly innocuous and vanilla. It pairs fantastically well with SPN, especially this season, which is causing me emotional distress I haven't felt since S6/early S7.

SVU is, ahaha, well, it's SVU. If that doesn't mean anything to you now, after fifteen seasons, there's really no reason it ever should! But S13-15, Olivia's been striking more Dean Winchester chords than I'm comfortable with, because Olivia is a really, really, really, phenomenally good person and oh bb, no, that rage and desperation and vindictiveness mixed with apathy and hurt and that sense of maw-like endlessness--these aren't good colors for you. :(

As of S15 Olivia has been going to a therapist. As, you know, normal people do after major traumatic incidents. If you've ever wanted the C part of H/C for Dean, just pretend he's genderswapped and played by Mariska Hargitay for a minute and a half:

"So how are you?

"Uhhhh, I wish people would stop asking me that! Sorry, I'm just--"

"You say things have been crazy at work."

"Sometimes I--feel like I'm playing whack-a-mole, just knock one down, and three pop up, just over and over and over--and then I think--even if I save one--"

"Is that how you think of yourself? As a 'savior'?"

"Someone has to protect them."

"Yes, but does it always have to be you?"

"It's my job."

"Have you ever wondered why?"

"--Just say what you're thinking."

"You've spent so much of your life taking care of others, yet this last week, I found myself thinking, all these sessions, you've never mentioned your parents. I couldn't help but wonder… When you were a little girl, someone take care of you?"

DYING dying dying.

Youtube blocked my video clip. ;( NBC, you have a wildly overblown sense of the importance of your copyright. No one wants to steal your shitty shows--putting up minute long clips is called free advertisement.
Please no spoilers for 9x05. Thank you!
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