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I can make an entire digest out of my own recs, apparently.

Okay, so I saw someone's cut text for 9x05 and words. cannot. describe. how badly I need this in my life right now!!!!! D; I'm gonna write this paper, I'm gonna continue to get shit done, and then Tuesday is going to be a wonderfully glorious 9x05/9x06 double-header and all will be right with the world. In the meantime, I thought I'd cross-post some recs I've made in recent months.

All but one of these recs are gen and worksafe unless labelled otherwise.

GEN @ rocksalt_recs:

[links go to rec post at rocksalt_recs]

FIC: Mazes in Higher Dimensions by missyjack (Sam, Dean)
FIC: Traffic Stop by brightly_lit (outsider!POV, OC, Sam, Dean)
FIC: Summer's Kiss by judith_88_g (Jo, Ellen)
VID: Castiel the Motion Picture by slinkymilinky (Castiel, Novaks, angels, Dean)
FIC: Tin Lung Echoes by starling_night (Dean, soulless!Sam, Gwen)
FANCRAFT: Papercraft Impala by gnatkip (Impala)

DARK/HORROR RECS @ hoodie_time

[click heading for link to my commentaries!]

FIC: a consummation devoutly to be wished [the el to be jazz remix] by losttheirbones (NC-17; Dean/Sam. Dean/Kubrick. Dean/Castiel)
ART: it had to be you by badbastion (NSFW; Dean/Alastair)
VID: Dean/Purgatory Teaser by volta1228 (Dean)
FIC: And When the Darkness Comes, We Smile by rightfootred (R; Dean, Alastair)
FIC: Breathless by cymbalism219 (Dean/Castiel, Benny)
FIC: Cataclysm by rosereddawn (R; Dean/Castiel, Benny)

Comment!Meme Recs @ hoodie_time

[click heading for link to my commentaries!]

FIC: Home by annonwrite (Dean, Sam, Jess; misc. injury/illness)
FIC: How to Get Over a Broken Neck (and other advice for hunters with homicidal family members) by i_speak_tongue (Dean, Sam, OCs; vertebral fracture)
FIC: Submerged by ever_dimming (Dean, OCs, Sam; catatonia)
FIC: Inverse Exchange by quadrant_of_sky (Dean, Sam; dissociation)
FIC: Hijacking by agenttrojie (Dean, Sam, Abaddon; PTSD/guilt)
FIC: A Very Serious Fan Fiction by anon (Dean, Sam; EVERYTHING)

I have a bunch more to rec, too. Stay tuned for Sam/Dean, Meg/Castiel, Sam/Amelia, Dean/Abaddon, April Kelly, and--shockingly!--more Dean H/C.

edit: ugh I can't even with this paper. I just want to couch potato whyyyyy life whyyyyyy
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