Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Fandomaid: Typhoon Haiyan

Inspired by indiachick and tebtosca (be sure to check out their posts, too), I continue my year of firsts--my first fandom charity fundraiser, for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

A copy/paste of my post at fandomaid:
‘BUY IT NOW’ OFFER | fan fiction
QUANTITY | max 3 fics
FANDOMS | Supernatural
MINIMUM ‘BUY IT NOW’ DONATION REQUIREMENT | ie. $1.00 per 100 words, no max.
ANY OTHER INFORMATION | I will write you ANYthing. You're welcome to refer to my profile to see what I normally do/excel at, but I will write you any character, and ship, any kink, the id-est gen.

[click here to go to my thread]

If anyone chooses me, between this, spnj2xmas, RBB, and my own personal projects, it's going to be quite the season of boldly going where no kalliel has gone before!

also: FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM. Well, sort of. I guess the real word is NORMALCY NORMALCY NORMALCY. I don't have anything concrete due in RL for another month, at which point I'll have to have 60+ more pages. But hey, I wrote 13 today alone (not recommended, gross), so if I space it out like a smart person, this has the potential to be totally painless!
Tags: fandom: spn, writing, wwdd: what would diesel do?

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