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I've sort of dropped the ball on this reaction post thing, haven't I?

So, I need to contextualize this. Kate-Who-Lives-Below-Me lives below me. When she has company over and they're chatting, or when she's on the phone, I can hear her. I can't make out words (usually) but if she does anything downstairs, I can hear it. I assume she can hear everything I do, but since I live alone I generally assume I'm pretty quiet.


KATE-WHO-LIVES-BELOW-ME MAY HAVE HEARD SOME COMBINATION OF "SATISFIED CHORTLING" AND "MANIC, UNSTOPPABLE GIGGLES" with respect to 9x05. I thought it was hilarious. I didn't necessarily appreciate the (completely intentional and entirely unrepentant) melodrama with the guy's backstory and Dean'd band of dogs and the whole like, "fuck you guys, yeah this script just pulled that, for Plot Reasons, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT" deal, but hey. At least they owned it. XP I can appreciate that level of self-confidence; certainly I'd rather that than timid pandering, any day. Also, my loudest laughs of all were over Dean's last two major lines, the one about having power over people and assuming that will complete you (lolololololol) and the over-the-Impala tag. My hysteria, you don't even know. Oh my god, Dean, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But more importantly, Kate-Who-Lives-Below-Me:

SHE DON'T EVEN KNOW. But after tonight I'm probably not Kalliel-Who-Lives-Above-Me anymore; I'm probably just "omg a crazy guffawing witch lives above me!!!!"


As for 9x06... I wish there was more Sam and Kevin. Kevin's prolonged glance at Sam right after Dean left, omg. <333 And also I wish there were more Sam. And less Castiel singing, though I'm sure if I were more of a Casgirl that would've been all good, so hey, why not? Cas singing!

And I love that the spell is irreversible; and I hope it's true. I see no real merit in it not being true? This way, it shifts the narrative away from being about restoring a status quo. It becomes instead a story about dealing with consequences that cannot be undone, about finding a way past that, about moving forward and putting together a new thing, rather than endlessly hearken back to something long gone, or imagined entirely.

Heaven was a barren kingdom and a broken system long before the angels fell; I don't mean to say that there weren't content angels living there, or that losing it didn't hurt. But Heaven as some kind of antebellum paradise? That never existed. (Intentional word choice is intentional. Please feel free to take this as an open invitation to assume that one of this season's many registers is a commentary on the American past/present!)

Feel free also to read this deal with Heaven as a macro treatment of Sam and Dean's relationship!

Also, the acetaminophen thing was cute. Er, not because babies were involved, or even because Castiel was involved. I just think it's adorable that Dean knows that, and that it would have occurred to him to translate that knowledge into childcare (translated from the context in which Dean is likely most familiar with any first aid, i.e. not babies). Does it give me H/C feelings, Weechester feelings, or Dean/Ben/Lisa feelings, I don't even know.

I realize also that my review of 9x04 is not just "Sammy :D" and that I actually have more Sam thoughts about that episode to share that link up with 5x16. And I have nascent thoughts about how S9 is placing the Winchesters with respect to the people they interact with and the rest of the world at large. Their interview with the bridgefolk in 9x03, and their interactions with the authorities this season (unrepentantly not treated like people, but as Plot Reasons--not that this is new, but it is just SO SHAMELESS and SO DELIBERATE I think it does interesting things). Also Castiel in 9x03 and 9x06, and Dean's reception of him... All of that talk about the taxidermy guy and the hunters and being human and--yeah, you can tell these are premature ramblings.

And I'm also interested in how S9 (a world surging outward) will respond/has been responding to S6/7/8 (a world collapsing in on itself). More on that later. Probably.

tl;dr Carver might actually be playing the longest long game to ever long game--and I say this post-Sera, and Sera's soulless!Sam, ambiguous!Cas/Crowley, noir-inflected season 6 of long games. (Though I will say... I appreciate the long game, I really really do, but MAN I feel like there's a lot of Dean this season???? Not that this is really a problem for me, given my card-carrying, tinhat Deangirl affiliation, but after a season and a half of me finding the guy largely irrelevant, I kind of feel like S9 might be overcompensating, aha. As I'm sure Sam (and Kevin) can attest, spending alllll the time with Dean isn't necessarily preferable to slightly! less! time! with Dean.)

Please no spoilers for future episodes (including the preview for 9x07). Thanks!

In short... I love this show. I apparently can't string together a single coherent sentence to articulate the whys, but I really love this show.
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