Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Where have you been all my life, Bed?

Dear Sam,

It's okay that you don't find the Batcave his bastion of all things that are good in life because let's be real my opinion of it is even lower than yours. And I sympathize with your bedding issues. But my advice for you is this. A house (or abode, or antiquated underground bunker with all kinds of deadly secrets inside it) isn't a home unless you work to make it that way.

What you need to do, then, is make your bed awesome enough to be deserving of your love!

Case in point. I moved into my current residence a little under three months ago. I slept in my bedroom for the first time on Friday. (I'd been sleeping on my couch, because I'd been roadtripping for the two weeks prior and sleeping in a sleeping bag, and previous to that sleeping on a couch at my father's house for a month, so I was just kind of like, fuck it, whatever. XP)

But then! I finally made my bed awesome, and I love it very much, and it's possible I may never leave it:

And yes, I love my pillows very much. Though for purposes of color coordination Dean might be exiled to the living room, with the other green things.

And while these are probably not as interesting as the pillows in the foreground, I made these ones!

In intentionally complementary colors and patterns. I highly recommend making your pillowcases out of repurposed flannel shirts, because they have pockets, where you can ninja away convenient Kleenexes, Post-It notes, whatever else you need in bed and never have. Also, flannel shirts make it really easy to sew in a straight line because LOL THE FABRIC IS ALREADY LINED, HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

Though I must confess, my favorite part about this bed is neither set of pillows, but the comforter. It's rated to provide warmth in European farmhouses with poor insulation and no heating systems, and it is amazing.

In short, this bed is my way of saying: Fuck you Michigan, I win!

So, dear Sam, I reiterate: You too can make yourself an amazing bed. Because as my Bible always says, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER YOU WIN BY AN INCH OR A MILE. WINNING IS WINNING.*

* Vin Diesel is my Bible. His Apostles are called the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

That being said, having so expertly boxed fandom out of my life for the purposes of RL business, I'm having some trouble nesting. …Despite the brevity of my absence from fandom. XP So what are you thinking abut right now? What are you working on? Anyone wanna talk S9? Or talk fanworks? What's up in your neck of the woods? Talk to meeee. <3
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