Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Anyone have gluten-free, vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes?

I know, I know, all the posts; but this one isn't about SPN! (OR IS IT.)

I'm going to a Thanksgiving potluck with a few of my cohortmates; I was wondering if anyone had some good Thanksgiving-style (e.g. feeds at least 5, is preferably warm, etc.) recipes that are gluten-free and vegetarian????

I ask because Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that's famously full of both gluten and meat, and I think last time I made anything for Thanksgiving it was Thai food. But I know at least one of the girls has diet restrictions and while she'd never ask we made food that she can eat, I don't want her to have to restrict herself to only the lentils and squash that she's bringing. That wouldn't be nice at all. :(

Thanks in advance!
Tags: strange tales from the midwestern front, the part where i solicit things, trufax

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