Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Special Valentine Unit: A Love Letter

Dear Detective Amanda Rollins,

You are my favorite character on TV right now. I love that you're not afraid to argue against your entire squad (two weeks ago, you were right to do this; tonight, you were wrong. But that's okay). I love how much you love your sister, even though she's used that against you more than once, and you know she'd do it again--she can't help it.

I love your relationship with Captain Kragen, and especially with your partner, Det. Tutuola. I love you even when you lose control and mouth off to Olivia in ways you know are going to be really, deeply hurtful (even though I love Olivia). I love that you're tough shit, yet so wickedly vulnerable.

I love you, baby girl, my 13th inning loose cannon wonder child.

You entered a thirteen-year franchise as a main character and lived to tell the tale. You are awesome. And one of the exceptionally few reasons this journal will ever talk about anything that isn't Supernatural when SPN is in season (and also when it isn't, let's be real).


P.S. I'm sorry I called you 'Collins' for almost a full season before I realized that wasn't your name. I blame Misha.
Tags: fandom: misc.

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