Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Crowdsourcing: S9 Fanworks Comm?

Poll #1944569 S9 Fanworks Comm

How awesome would an S9 fanworks comm be?

Awesome! I'd love to see a convenient repository for these things be birthed.
Don't care; won't stop people from posting their S9 garbage to all the other comms. >:(
My thoughts are as large as the Chrysler building on this issue, and I will tell you in the comments.
I only know what an S9 even is because of your prolific postings about it, so this doesn't concern me a whit. But I do love polls!

Mostly because I really really like all this S9 stuff but I feel like I haven't actually looked at/read a whole lot of it, because it's all diffuse across the rest of the Internet.

And most importantly, is there an Ezekiel comm? And if there isn't, why not? I mean, christ, there was a Dean/Benny comm before 8x01 even aired. Fandom!
Tags: fandom: spn, the part where i solicit things

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