Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Non-SPN Stuff (Elementary, Doctor Who, Thor 2)

1. So those Thanksgiving recipes I was looking for? The gluten-free, vegetarian ones? Um, she also can't eat sugar, honey, potatoes, or soy. But never fear! ippoddity saved the day with her Australian recipe magic. \O/

2. I think I need to stop watching Elementary; its S2 has gone the way of White Collar's S2, and that's just not for me.

3. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode was spectacular. I don't think I really enjoyed watching it per se, but thinking about it after the fact, and really taking in the ending, I ADORE it. It's something that would have been a total misstep in like, SPN. Or any other show on the planet. But it was so true to the core of Doctor Who that it became something that only Doctor Who could pull off; and to achieve something so truly unique to what you are is the rarest species of glorious.

4. I also saw Thor 2 with some friends. I have hipster distaste for the superhero movies as a general species of movie, but I may need to revise these prejudices, because Thor 2 was amazing. It was such unabashed fun. And since I've lost my hipster street cred I should also note that Loki was easily my favorite thing about the movie--and come on now, I have "marvel," "tom hiddleston," and "avengers" blocked via Tumblr Savior, such were my opinions of all these things before seeing the glory that is Thor 2. But now everything is just this constant state of wonder and beauty.

I even forgot to SPN!goggle this movie, that's how great I thought it was. And I never once thought to myself, "But how would Vin Diesel have improved this film?"

5. I know this whole third-person past-tense thing is the industry standard for fiction everywhere but the Internet, but having sampled it for the Sam Doesn't Eat a Salad Fic, I'm not sure if I like it. The verbs feel weird, and idk, the whole style makes me feel like the world of sentence structure becomes more limited. And everything just feels so distant! I tend to play a really close POV when writing fic, so I wanted to try something else, but I think I ended up gravitating inward as I went on anyway. XP But yeah, past-tense. Not feeling the love. Maybe close present-tense is a bad habit you just kind of pick up on the Internet, but hey, whatever makes you happy, right? And it makes me very happy. *___* Anyone else have thoughts on that? As a reader as well as a writer.

And now, back to work.
Tags: fandom: misc., i can't watch tv like a normal person, salt being a spirit deterrent, wwdd: what would diesel do?

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