Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

es niiiiine [SPN S9 Community @ LJ]

Alrighty guys, let's get this party started! >:D I will likely be soliciting you guys to cross-post all your awesome S9 things, so please do feel free to populate the comm with your fanworks/etc.

New Community: spn_s9 | Join Us!

Wanna advertise This?

And haha, please do advertise to your flists so it's not just my flist. :P I'll work on doing Official Advertisement Things once there's a bit more to see.

In the tradition of spn_weirdnews, which is amazing, I'm thinking of doing periodic AO3 digests of S9-tagged fics. Other than that... Free-for-all? XP

Also, lol, I left my Photoshop manipulation abilities in the early 2000s (OPACITY. BLENDING. OVERLAY/HARD LIGHT. OUTER GLOW/INNER SHADOW) so after wrestling with the real title card I was just like, fuck it, let's just make a cute one. XP
Tags: fandom: spn, spn s9 reviews, the part where i solicit things

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