Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Holiday Cheer

[cut for sad]Having now written a good many words about how I feel about Paul Walker's death, I can safely say that words cannot describe how I feel about Paul Walker's death. Neither can crying, though I have done a lot of that, too. ippoddity and I have been text message mourning since Saturday and our conversation is so long that my phone actually can't take any more messages without me deleting something. But I don't want to.

The post I meant to make this weekend was asking if anyone would like to receive a holiday card. So in the hopes of finding good cheer, would anyone like to receive a holiday card? They are glittery and have baby snowmen on them. (Unless of course a lot of you would like cards, in which case I will need to get some more, and they are unlikely to have glittery baby snowmen on them. :P)

They say 'Merry Christmas' inside them or something, but if you celebrate anything else, just let me know and I will masterfully edit them otherwise!

You can either leave your address in the comments (screened), or e-mail me at ryuusenka@gmail.com, if you trust Google more than LiveJournal (and rightly so!). If you'd like my address, I will send it to you, but definitely don't feel like you HAVE to if you'd like to receive a card. And if you don't want to give your name, I will simple address it to your LJ handle~

Each card helps fund ~4 polio vaccinations for children via UNICEF.

[cut for sad]Waking up is awful, because Paul Walker isn't in my dreams; and that means that I don't need to remember that he's not here. :( Because when I'm awake, I can't stop thinking about him, and when I'm not thinking, I feel it anyway. And then I'm reminded to think and the feeling ricochets back and feels completely different, and then completely different, and all of the differences are still terrible.

This is going to make powering through these 'term paper' things really fucking hard, isn't it. Not to mention I wish I'd done more for RBB and xmas before this weekend, because SPN is so extremely far from where my heart is right now. But to those of you who dropped me a line this weekend, thank you so much for your kind words. <3
Tags: winter is beautiful, wwdd: what would diesel do?

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