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If S2 is S9, then I guess I actually do like S2!



I just accidentally saw a spoiler (thanks a lot, Twitter. But to be fair I guess "Dean's face" isn't really a SPOILER spoiler--or I guess it shouldn't be? isn't for most normal people?)

but it makes me so happy.

It just makes me so happy.

This has been a post about Dean Winchester, who is not happy.

...I must resist rewatching all of S9 again.

Though I gotta say--S4/5/6/7 benefit a lot from watching the whole series all in a row, in order to get the full effect of it. While I don't think S9 necessarily works SUPER well as a series of stand-alone episodes (i.e. S2's claim to fame), I do think that I prefer the buffer of time in between each episode, because they are so ridiculously, sumptuously rich in opportunities for speculation, evaluation, revision, and elaboration.

That's the real strength of S9; and really, when you have nine seasons (or hell, three seasons)? that's the strength you should be aiming for.

Having had that insight, I may need to revise my opinion of S2's mytharc (my earlier opinion being OMG I AM DYING, KILL ME, lol), because everything I found grating watching all the S9 episodes in a row (the meditated, glacial rise to some distant climax, the Ezekiel storyline) is actually my favorite part about S9, broken down into episode-length pieces. If I think about Dean's Secret About Sam and the Psychic!Kid Sam from S2 the way I think about Dean's Secret Abut Sam and Possessed!Kid Sam in S9, I feel like I can totally get down with that!

* To clarify, I don't, and have never, disliked S2. I adore S2! There are just things I do not adore at all about S2. Like the plot. And Sam's hair (from 2x01 to AT LEAST 2x08). XD But also the plot. Well, I liked Boy King Sam quite a lot; he just never got to be Boy King Sam, really. Blah blah yammer yammer yammer---!
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