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Coming Home

When I first watched this video, which was made by the Fast production crew, it had been almost a week since Paul Walker died. I was in that state where you really just don't understand, or can't understand, what that means, so I got through this video without crying. Apparently this does not mean that I won't cry through it today. ;(

A few weeks ago I had to explain my psychopathy to a cashier at a used bookstore, because I purchased both the Collector's Edition and the Turbo-Charged Edition of The Fast and the Furious. (Hey, if you wanted me to own a legal copy from the get-go, maybe you shouldn't have made a movie about stealing DVD players! Or illegal street racing!) The cashier was like, "You realize these are both the same movie, right? Just making sure, because one of the other movies in this series has the same name as this one..."

1. They're the same movie, but not the same DVD--completely different sets of special features! (The Turbo-Charged edition was a re-release to help promote 2Fast 2 Furious.)

2. They don't have the same title! The first one is The Fast and the Furious and the fourth one is simply Fast and Furious. Though I'm willing to forgive that, because it is ridiculous.

Anyway, the "Turbo-charged" re-release has a six-minute dialogue-less short film that is basically just six minutes of Paul Walker driving around in a succession of different cars. I've lost count of how many times I've watched it in a row. So many great character moments, so little time.

This post brought to you by the 1.5 month mile marker.
Tags: fandom: misc., wwdd: what would diesel do?, you can't take the sky from me

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