Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

3 Degrees of Separation...

Also guys, I totally owe the Internet an apology for this Jared Padalecki/Justin Bieber thing. Devil worship and my voodoo bookshelf are to blame:

SPN S2/4/5/6 are currently wandering the USPS & may never find their way home. :(

Obviously Justin Bieber's penchant for bizarre music videos (not unlike Free Willy's music video, which is Michael Jackson set to RANDOM FOOTAGE OF SWIMMING WHALES) allowed his influence to penetrate Free Willy. Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, really likes Justin Bieber, so he got to hop through the Fast series as well, and ended up smack in a confrontation with SPN (which permeates Fast by sharing Dominic Toretto's appreciation for American muscle, and Free Willy because of 9x07's striking thematic resemblance to the first 9 minutes of Free Willy).

AND THAT IS WHY THE BELIEBERS AND SPN FANS HAVE COME INTO CONTACT. Or the Beliebers have found us, or something. I'm don't think this is as big a deal to (most of) us as it is to (most of) them. XP At least I hope not, because good heavens!

I actually really like this Belieber solidarity post, though. Totally behind that! Own it. <3
Tags: fandom: spn, salt being a spirit deterrent

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