Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

No end to the wars you can lose.

I don't know if anyone has told the CW this, but I can't possibly be alone in thinking, every time I accidentally see a promo pic--or, heaven forbid, and actual promo video--"Wow, you couldn't pay me money to watch that show!"

...Except that's a promo for my show.

I'm pretty sure that's not how marketing is supposed to work! /O\

tl;dr I'm about to watch 9x12 now, no thanks to your inescapable, heavily trafficked, wretched spoilery promos, CW! CW also shoved 9x13 promo shots on me, which makes me sad. :( Spoiler free is the only way to beeeeeee.

This, one the other hand, made me fall in love with the whole show all over again:

The Family Business
a fan album by Caitlin Obom

Available streaming at soundcloud
Available for download at gumroad

Caitlin has a great voice, lovely guitar, and perfect lyrics. They're not so on the nose about being SPN inspired that they sound awkward and contrived, but it's also immediately apparent what the referents are. The album traces the emotional tenors and mytharcs for the first seven seasons (so it says, though honestly I think it's primarily S4 and S5-centric). S4!Ruby and demon blood!Sam get their own song. <333

But my favorite lyric comes from the final song, the aptly titled "KAZ2Y5":

There is no end to the wars you can lose.

Ouch. ;( <333

Fantastic piece of fanwork, all told. According to iTunes I've listened to the entire album 19 times I downloaded it last Saturday. XD I LOVE IT.
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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