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+ Today I was on my way home and "Carry On Wayward Son" came on on the radio. Who helped audibly with glee? Yup, this girl. IT GETS ME EVERY TIME. (Especially since the radio had up til then been relentlessly playing Motley Crue, because apparently they're farewell touring in Detroit this summer. There isn't a music artist on Earth I hate more than Motley Crue. XP)

+ I finally wrote a bit. Badly, but words. On page. I'll take it. I wrote 1700 words for the whalechesters fic, which is very dialogue heavy, and I'm not sure if I'm okay with that or not. SPN has been my first foray into stuff with direct dialogue but every time it starts taking over I panic. Like, I don't want to slow the scene down with unnecessary description and whatnot, but I don't want it to be this like, unplaced echo chamber with only voices. Though I guess… Once the whales happen, I guess there won't be any dialogue at all. So maybe in the long run the sections will compensate for each other??

"You are so full of shit, Crowley," Sam says, at the same time Dean says, "A whale? That's idiotic."

"The Kwakwaka'wakw beg to differ," says Crowley.

"Is there a reason you haven't done this on your own, then?" Sam counters.

"What part of Kwakwakwaka'wakw don't you understand? I'm a demon; my very existence hinges on dualism, mate."

"And ours don't?" Sam gestures between himself and Dean, at the same time Dean says, "Did you just call him 'mate'?"

"So why don't you just possess a whale," Sam asks, without interlude. "Possession's always the best solution, isn't it?"

Dean smacks the whale steak back onto the table. "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? 'Cause you're losing the high ground here real fast, Sam--"

"This is stupid. This is really stupid."

"Now you're just misunderstanding the art, Sam. Possession is a very particular skill; it takes a deft hand. You're lucky the average demon has the IQ of a tether ball, because if possession were easy, we'd have taken this rock over long ago."

Sam will give him that.

"Anyway, possession's a strictly human art for demons. Post-lapsarian red tape--no animals."

"That's convenient," says Dean. It's almost a growl. "I just have one more question for you, Crowley." Dean scrapes his chair backwards, a keening sound the echoes in the hall and reverberates through the War Table. "You're the King of Hell. But you can't kill a Knight, and you can't get the blade that can.

"Are you useful at all?"

Crowley regards him cooly. Sam watches as Crowley's lips crinkle at the edges, and the skin around his chin flexes into a faint, well-practiced smile. He sucks and swishes at the saliva in his mouth, as though he is taste-testing Dean's slight. But there is more triumph there than fury.

"I'd have taken your soul for Kevin's. Had you been willing to sell."

I dunno, I still think it's too much. I think if the scene is sandwiched by scenes that are more descriptive/inner narrative, it might work--it is NOT sandwiched that way right now, XP--but hmm. I think my issue is that if it's super dialogue-y, then it gets further from Sam's POV and loses its anchor in his perspective, or something. And then I lose track of what I'm doing.

+ I also have like 200 words of the worst Sam/Dean ever to grace the earth! But I can now say that I've written incest slash standing in a YMCA parking lot. And 'worst' here meaning 'wow, not sexy,' 'wow, kind of skeevy,' 'wow probably triggery,' 'wow, actually het (with no genderswap involved).' Most of that was playing with one of my fandomaid fics just so I could figure out what POV it should be from, but uhhhhh. Yeah.

WELP, THOSE ARE MY INSECURITIES FOR THE DAY. But I made excellent Italian loaves, and tortilla soup, and am about to make a little salad, and I avoided making a chocolate cake (and then eating the entire thing by myself), so that's always a good sign.

Other than that, I am behind on responding to comments (INCLUDING TO THE OCTOPUS FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and leaving comments on fic. And reading fic. Which I guess means I'm behind on everything. Whatever. XDD
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