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LOL literally most boring episode ever!

But I thought that the rhetorical transition from Metatron addressing the audience to Metatron addressing Castiel was lovely and smooth. And the turn at the end as well, which was effective if unsurprising.

idk, maybe Casfans or Gabriel fans feel differently, but I thought the Gabecon was a huge waste of valuable screen time. I sure hope Angels Talking to Each Other is someone's kink, and makes someone out there DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY because I couldn't stand it in S4 and I still can't now. XP 30 minutes of Angels Talking to Each Other, guys! Think of all those minutes we wasted listening to angels talk when we could have been watching Sam eat a papusa instead!

Also, Sam and Dean are the actual dumbest people on the entire planet. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Metatron! XP Infamati et obliterati, 9x18. Git along now, shoo.

Is it Tuesday yet???

How 9x18 will be summarized in my personal headcanon: Sam eats papusas for 43 hi-def minutes.

And a glorious episode it was! Yum.
Tags: fandom: spn, infamati et obliterati, sam!kinks, spn s9 reviews

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