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Tomorrow People

So I had a thought last night, which I originally posted to Tumblr:

But we haven’t talked about the most significant thing about Supernatural’s tenth season next fall.  Because you know what it means?

It means that whenever there’s a child in an episode, there’s a huge chance that that child wasn’t even born yet when Dad went on a hunting trip, and hadn’t been home in a few days.

There are children in the Winchesters’ lives now that have never known a world where demons didn’t walk the earth in vast procession. A world where the apocalyptic cogs were too quiet yet for anyone to hear. 

Some related math for you, with some non-uniformly sized, hotlinked images for extra emphasis:

Jessica Moore has been dead at least three times as long as she and Sam even knew each other.

Joseph Welch (1x01) has been living without his wife and children for 33 years.

Lucas Barr (1x03) will be a senior in high school.

Ritchie (1x09) is also in high school.

Rosie Holt (1x21) is almost 10.

Carver Edlund's SUPERNATURAL books have been out of print longer than they were ever in print,


We've known Sam Winchester for almost a third of his life, not even counting flashbacks. (I tried to think of a pithy fact for Dean, too, but someone's going to need to help me out here. XD)

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