Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Self-involved fic rambling.

SIGH. That moment when you're trying to figure out a 9x18 fic and you think you've FINALLY figured out all of this meta, multiverse what-have-you when suddenly, you remember: "Oh fuck, I forgot about Abaddon." And you realize that taking the continuing existence of Abaddon into account, the whole fic really operates on a very tendentious logic ("the whole fic" here meaning "Dean's actions," I guess, since no one else in the fic gives a good goddamn about Abaddon. And by tendentious logic I guess I mean "a tendentious logic at odds with our normally scheduled tendentious logic"). Major props to anyone who can write 43 minutes of this shit on deadline without completely fucking it up, like I'm about to. XD

While we're on the subject of fic, though, I'd like to state for the record that writing mytharc fic for a mytharc that's still unfolding is really hard! I decided that, due to the unexpected nature of March, it would be prudent to scrap my original Big Bang idea and just write Big Bang whalechesters instead. The original justification for the existence of whalechesters was pretty lazy, though, so I felt like for the sake of spn_j2_bigbang's integrity I should try a little harder. So now the whalechesters are really intimately tied to the S9 mytharc; ergo I need certain portions of the mytharc to hit the gas and just go so I know what I'm working with.

Not so much to make sure the whalechesters align with canon, since 1) they're whales, there's no alignment k, and 2) it's divergent timeline post-9x14, but so that whatever emotional and thematic resonances I put in play will engage whatever canon does in a way that's actually interesting, isn't just a rehash in a whalesuit, and also isn't so ignorant of S9's reality it's just not coherent. Maybe it'll end up being at odds with whatever canon does, but I'm not down with it just doin' it's thing in some kind of wtf vacuum because then what's the point of writing fanfic? XP imho, in any case.

tl;dr the warp to my weft doesn't exist yet and I WANT IT NOW so I know what I'm wefting!

Also, similar to my suddenly having an Abaddon subplot problem, I presently also have a blood-addicted Crowley subplot problem, because I have no fucking clue what I'm supposed to do with that. EVERY TIME this subplot resurfaces in canon I'm surprised by it, because I keep forgetting it's supposed to be a thing; for some reason I keep expecting it to drop out of the season (like the Alphas, or Eve, or the antichrist) but it hasn't. XD

Technically, I could just ignore it and be like peace out, 9x14 divergent timeline guys, but since Crowley's important to the fic, that seems a bit lazy. Especially since demon blood plays a fairly important role in the whalechesters story wrt Sam. Given that, I feel like it would be weird not to somehow address blood-addicted Crowley? Maybe I'm overthinking this, and no one actually cares about blood-addicted Crowley. Or do we?
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