Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Notes on "Method"

- The first 150 words were written in 2012 and then abandoned in a file labeled "Vanessa." Then it sat on my hard drive next to files named "Carolina" and "Marina," which made them seem a whole lot like written records of one night stands than they actually are. Well, this one. The other two actually are one night stands, just not mine.

- The rest of the fic was vaguely colored by this one time my mother and my brother and I were doing a creek walk. I must have been thirteen or fourteen, because my brother was old enough to come but young enough to need me to carry him through the deep parts. In any case, we came across this big black water beetle, probably the size of a fifty cent piece. My mother was excited by this, and told me to catch it so we could show her friend, Kat the Naturalist. I did. I cupped it in my hands, and we all looked at the beetle, oohed and aahed, that sort of thing. After several minutes, we let the beetle go.

Then Kat turned to my mother and commended my bravery, because that species of water beetle could be vicious, and their bites extremely painful.

Of course it wasn't bravery. Just ignorance. My mother had been excited about the beetle, she'd known about its temperament, and she knew exactly how painful its bites were, but she'd omitted this information. Because she knew that if she told me that, I wasn't going to put my hands anywhere near it.

But I did put my hands around it, assuming that it'd all be good, because surely my mother wouldn't put me in harm's way!

Well, so much for that theory. But it wasn't a venomous beetle, so it wasn't technically dangerous, and we did get to observe a cool beetle. So I guess the moral here is twofold:

1) Don't assume your mother actually has your best interests in mind.
2) Never let fear hold you back.

These do not necessarily coincide with the morals of the fic, if it has any.
Tags: trufax, wild kingdom never ends, writing

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