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Point of No Return

Oh hey! So as I was collecting all my masterlist materials, I discovered that apparently I've written over 100 fics for SPN. I'm not exactly sure which is the 100th, because there's anon stuff I haven't claimed and just generally speaking, fic organization is not my forte (lol could you tell), but I think it's probably "Method."

To recognize this sort-of milestone:

Longest Fic: "Beatty, 1988" which is about John Winchester flying planes and parenting and killing demons and stuff (written 2009-2010, 42k).

Shortest Fic: "Thrilling Heroics," which is also about parenting (written 2010, 193 words).

The first words of SPN fic I ever wrote, 29 December 2009:
'Hypocrisy' was John Winchester's middle name. Sam wouldn't put words to the sentiment for another twenty years, but it's 1988 and he's thinking it when Dad walks out the door and leaves him in a one room flat in Blue Earth Minnesota.

He'll be back in three days, or so he says; in the meantime Sam is expected to busy himself Staying Safe. He's flying a Beech Duchess 76 out to California as a favor to Pastor Jim. There's a job in Oakland and possibly even a reward for finishing it. The Impala is beached in the Blue Earth impound lot and is going nowhere fast, so Dad's a little hungrier for cash than usual. And Dean's coming with, because Dad saw the stricken look on his face when they were inspecting the aircraft, and Dad's decided his oldest son needs to learn a little something about fear.

It's from the first draft of the aforementioned Beatty, NV story. I don't think any of those words actually made it past the final cut, but given the premise of "Method" it's quite possible I've just been writing the same story for five years and a hundred stories.
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