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Well, the last 40 seconds of that conversation went in a completely different direction than I expected! Verbally, in any case. The rest I suppose depends on my ability to read Dean, which I'd bet fan fiction on, if not actual money. I'd be willing to bet a significant number of valueless bytes that my understanding of what the hell just happened comes in ahead of Sam's. Is this big-headed? Well, I'll have those results back to you next Tuesday, won't I. XP

Sam and Castiel's Gadreel conversation. <3

Gavin and Juliet were technically pointless but extremely, extremely entertaining? idek Crowley outside of his existence as a plot mechanism has never been interesting to me but those two, man. XD He had me at the lightbulb. It's not like Gavin was any weirder than suddenly invoking Lovecraft for a hot three minutes late in the season. XD Or, you know, Brady. Or Kevin's introduction, or Metatron's, though the latter two of course ended up having more lasting purchase.

Castiel - There's the manipulative bastard I fell in love with. <3

I loved the reshuffling of communication and the destabilizing of conglomerate parties re: Castiel/Castiel's faction/Gadreel/Metatron and Dean/Crowley/Sam.

And the zany Mark of Cain camerawork (new director, I noticed). idk about the rest of your guys but it made me feel airsick. I approve.

This episode did a lot of the big arcwork that is typical of the 21st episode, and is usually Ben Edlund's job. I'm not Edlund's biggest fan, but I've always appreciated that he was definitely the best man for the job and possibly the only one who could actually Do the Thing. But hey, Buckner & Leming kind of nailed it!?

Why everyone's dressing in rich jewel tones, I have no clue.

OH, OH. ALSO. Literally the funniest fight scene of all time. What even. XD Blocking, gravity, who needs it.

Oh, and also, for a bit of commentary that is slightly more substantive, Dean Tumblr fandom spent most of today discussing the potential of Castiel's request/that interrogation, with respect to 4x16 and where Dean's at in S9 in general. I suspect that they are probably a little perplexed/betrayed as far as what the promo clip appeared to be setting up and what actually ensued.

But for my part, I actually do think the promo clip set up the 4x16 call back and Castiel's position wrt the situation and that whole deal. The only reason it didn't follow through in that vein is because Sam made sure that it didn't. You know, on purpose. And irrespective of either Castiel's or Dean's plans for the day. He and Dean didn't go into that room planning to Hands of Blue the galaxy's dumbest Alliance officer that angel; when Sam speaks up, there's those few seconds of Dean going, "dude wtf Sam" before falling into the play, so I don't think there was actually any prior consultation between them about said play. Sam just launches into this alternative game plan right then (possibly with Dean in mind, possibly after having decided that that angel was dumb as hell; my bet's on both of these things). So the set-up still holds; it just happens that Sam was also aware of these meta thoughts, and pointedly redirected them. Sam > you, meta. Sam > you. XD

These are notes, mostly, to come back to should future ficcing opportunities arise. I'd write a tag but this all falls under BB territory, so I guess I'll just hike this new information over there and figure out how to play off it. GAME ON, CANON. LET'S SEE WHO WRITES FASTER.

You do, canon. You do. I concede in advance.
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