Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Good grief, I do not know how to moderate my fandom time at all. If you feel deprived of it I'm unhappy but if you get altogether too much of it then I feel unhappy, too! XP I need ghostlines and/or bumpers to assist me or something.

I am just going to calmly watch dorsal fin footage. Also, baby lemon sharks being tonically immobilized.

Though of course these things just remind me of my BB draft and HOW VERY MANY questions my first read-through of it just raised for me. O_o;;

[spoilers 9x22 clip]Aaaand the 9x22 clip, apparently. Sweet heavens, horizontal Sam. *___* <3 Did anyone else get 1x21 vibes from the rest of the clip? Though a mirror darkly, that is.
Tags: i use lj the way other people use tumblr, writing

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