Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

What is this week even!

The way I planned to spend my evening:

1. Circus arts at a different studio than the norm.
2. Weep at how long it takes to get home because of road construction on the bus route.
3. Cabbage/zucchini/kale/strawberries/the most amazing cilantro dressing ever
4. Free Willy as background noise while working.

How I actually spent my evening:

1. Circus arts!
3. Read lines as a stand-in for some kind of pirate play??
4. Learned a lot about arm musculature, as it relates to parrying and landing blows (which is actually magical)???
5. Sat through the blocking out of re-enactment of the fight scene/song from what I can only assume was the Buffy musical episode????
6. Ran the 5 miles home at midnight because the bus left way long ago by that point. /O\ No thunderstorms tonight, but my god, it was far too warm and humid out to be running around in a leather jacket, that's for damn sure.

In short/cool fun times evening/what the hell just happened/I am so, so tired now. XP And I still haven't actually done that "work" thing I was counting on. Also, I am starving. I ate a PB&J at the laundromat this morning but that was 15 hours ago AND DID I MENTION THE RAPIERS.

But I got invited to be a zombie in a few weeks? And I know so much more about rapiers than I ever thought I would? AND WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. Between my normal circus people, these circus/stage fighting people and the beekeeping people I'm pretty sure I now know all the weirdest, coolest people in town.
Tags: better to be a pirate than join the navy, strange tales from the midwestern front, trufax

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