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Fic Notes - Rehymenated

Notes for Rehymenated.

- Nadezhda is so named because Ukraine recently hosted the international beekeeping conference, and is a major producer of the world's bee-related goods. Her name also means "hope" in Russian, because the Winchesters would have to violently murder hope, wouldn't they.

- Castiel's 'unwrapping'/unbridled angelicness: I know it doesn't really work, and doesn't actually go anywhere, but I thought it would be interesting to play with the incompatibility of Castiel's Heaven and Cain's Hell. Well, that and I prefer writing monstrous angel!Castiel and I will use just about any excuse to force that, no matter how non-canonical it is! Whatever, I don't care. XP But you know, atone point he did grip Dean tight and raise him from perdition, so I feel like for this fic it's justified. Almost?

- Sam doesn't realize this here, but Castiel's preoccupation with leaves is a callback to that ridiculous scene from 6x20. He and Sam mourn separately from one another.

- The lightbulb thing is a reference to 4x01, minus the spectacularity.

- Cain gives Sam a top-bar hive. Rather than have full frames these just have a top bar and a small strip of beeswax; the bees build out their comb rom there. I believe it's easier to keep from squishing bees accidentally with a top-bar hive--an especial plus if those bees are all your brother.

- About 6 or 7 years ago my father's asshole neighbor insecticide'd a tree with a beehive in it. He swears he didn't, but the branches of the tree were alive with languishing bees, coating them like thick bunches of leaves. Huge piles of them fell from the tree and collected on my father's car down below.

The image stuck with me.
Tags: beekeeper!dean, fandom: spn, writing

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