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Dear Summergen Writer

Dear spn_summergen Writer,

My prompts are long enough on their own, so I'll try to be brief here, but thanks so much for tackling this prompt set. Feel free to diverge from my prompts as much as you like; if you start with one, and then by the time you finish the fic it's in an entirely different place, I'm all for that--just go for it! If the only thing from my prompts that makes it into your fic is like, a passing mention in a Classified ad Sam skims while he's flipping to the Obituaries page of a newspaper, I'm totally cool with that--actually, thinking about it, that would tickle me to no end. I love intransibility!

When posting comes around, my mindset will be "omg! fic for me!" not "okay, I've got my checklist! WHICH PROMPT DID THEY USE. WHICH OF MY INTERESTS DID THEY INCLUDE." Trust me, I will be too excited to even remember what I prompted, anyway. XD

Likes: I'm a Dean!girl by trade, though I think all but one of the summergen fics that have been written for me in past years have been Sam-centric, so clearly I love him a lot, too. And also all the random hunter characters, from Walt and Roy to the Campbells to Tracy Bell. And since I didn't put this down in the prompts section, I guess I should note that I adore mechanism. I love it when monsters can't just be like, conveniently stabbed and done with. I love descriptions of weapons-use, handling, and care; descriptions of driving; descriptions of odd/characterizing architectural/landscape features. And I mean like, don't look at that and think "oh goddamn it this person wants me to write like 500 words of overwrought description of STILL LIFE"! You don't need to do that. XD But a quick, punchy observation here or a little detailed phrase there can keep me mouth-wateringly occupied for hours. :D I say below that I'm not interested in H/C by its typical definition, but I love offhand mentions of pain/discomfort/soreness that aren't necessarily plot-related--or at least, not actually occupying the Winchesters'/whoever's primary attentions.

Dislikes: Straight-up H/C (of the "X is sick/hurt, Y cares for them" variety). And I prefer the road to the Bunker/Bobby's House in nearly every situation. And this should go without saying, but if there's a character you don't like... please don't write them?

Anyway. Mostly, I'd prefer it if you avoided scenarios or tellings that don't challenge YOU as a writer!  I don't mean you should feel obligated to write a prompt that repels you, or simply doesn't ping you; but I'd love for this to be a place where you try something--be it plot, or tense, or POV, or an interpretive choice--that's outside of your comfort zone. SPN would want you to be brave. ;)

1. Beekeeping fic! Whether it's the AU where the hunting and beekeeping communities are closely intertwined, or the AU where the Winchesters grew up as beekeepers, or a fic about Cain and his canonical bees, or a case in which the Winchesters are required to deal in some way with bees (not as enemies but as assets, mind you), or the post-series fic where the Winchesters/Bobby/whoever take up beekeeping (Cain-inspired or otherwise), or an INTER-series fic where a character for whatever reason takes up beekeeping, or a fic exploring old school (aka pre-Lilith and pre-Crowley) Hell where primordial Hell functions like a beehive, or a case involving entomology generally, or a fic where the Winchesters ARE bees...

2. A case/part of a case/moment/whatever set in utter darkness.  How does the sensory imbalance affect the POV character's perceptions/abilities/narrations?  I think it'd be a cool opportunity to work with some different sensory/possibly synaesthetic imagery, or you know, like.  A wonderful opportunity to play with physical movement, manhandling, or fight-scene stuff in text. :D  Preferably terrestrial (i.e. non-Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory) darkness--unless you have a really cool idea you want to do with those locales, of course! Then go for it. :D

3. Late season (the later the better!) fic that makes creative use of clipped/non sequitur trains of thought or dialogue.  For clarification, think "Home" by George Saunders: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FEuseB60RPthCOoSzBz1b6ZUraYzOwccs-wtvWRj_sI/edit But don't feel beholden to his style--mainly I really want to read something where the conversations being had (either internally for the narrator, or externally with another person, or both) don't necessarily make cohesive narrative sense, or aren't managed and direct in ways that dialogue in fiction so often is.  I want there to be loads of room for (mis?)interpretation, hanging threads that aren't pursued or that are never explained.  Random comments that go unanswered.  Assessments that go unchallenged.  Warning signs that don't necessarily escape notice, but do escape voice. Dialogue that appears to flow as dialogue but isn't indicative of people actually speaking TO each other. Winchesters preferred, whether with each other or one/both with someone else.

4. How do the Winchesters "do fandom"? Not in the "they discover Carver Edlund fandom and write fic" sense, unless you can think of an IC scenario where they'd be interested enough to pursue that.  Dean's clearly invested in Dr. Sexy, but in what way? Does he like to mainline it, as one might with Law and Order, or is he an intricate-detail, I-rewatch-this-religiously kind of guy? Or is he more passionate-casual with it--like, he loves it but Sam's the one who's all, 'omg Dean this is your show you're the one who knows Dr. Sexy wears cowboy boots, how are you not following this arc, do you not see the foreshadowing/UST, even I know this'?  In what way does Sam relate to the shows he watches, like Game of Thrones or The Good Wife?  Has their relationship to these favorite things changed/warped over the years, particularly these last? 

...This prompt is possibly my sneaky way of wanting to look at SPN & its pop culture, and also the many many many breeds of fandom our fandom is blessed to cultivate. <3

5. A case that takes place on a boat. Not like, a cruise ship, or a big boat.  But a boat that's small enough to make working a case additionally interesting/something that might require additional preparation or strategic modification.  Maybe part of this case takes place underwater. Or maybe weather is an issue.  Or the problem of salt rings/painted sigils/violence in a small, unstable, wet landscape.  Maybe there's diving gear involved. Or life vests. Or fishing! Or just fish.  (And do they actually know how to sail the boat, or are they with someone with that skill? Use of maritime skills [or acknowledgement that perhaps they lack them] a plus! Knot-tying! Orienteering! Sailing! Swimming! Cooking/eating/bathing/sleeping/living at sea!)

6. A fic written in the future tense (at least partially--I realize it's sort of a limiting tense, so you totally wouldn't have to commit to it 100% or even for a majority of the fic. I just think it'd be something interesting to try!).

Happy trails!!!! May this exchange give you many joyous experiences and memories.
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