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#centennial (highway) rewatch 1x15, 1x16

# I miss low-key pre- and interim-hunt bar scenes like the one that opens 1x15. <3 Though I suppose if they had them now they'd be egregiously sad bar scenes, not low-key bar scenes. Of course, I'd take that too. Apparently I do still wish the bunker would burn down!

# I like 1x15 well enough, but I've never really respected it, because it's just kind of like... Surely I can't be the only one who read The Most Dangerous Game multiple times in school! I recognize that most of the episodes in S1 are based on existing urban legends and ghost stories, but I feel like usually there's a very SPN-specific take to those. Whereas this one is just like, well, it's The Most Dangerous Game except not a rich guy on an island, just hillbillies in Minnesota. Which I suppose has its own SPN color to it ("rustic obsessive"!) but not really. I mean, have you ever READ Texas Monthly before?

tl;dr not only is Soylent Green people, but the people who make Soylent Green are people too, basically.

But as I was saying. As much as I've never really respected 1x15 in a storytelling regard, I still adore that rustic obsessive aesthetic to pieces. The Bender house set design! The backwater and the backroads! Demon!Dean, go forth and frolic out there.

# Requisite "Myyy but this cage really only exists to demonstrate how attractive you are" Sam shoutout! ("IT'S A BRACKET.")

# Also, it's weirdly difficult to separate Missy from Emma in my mind now.

# My commentary on 1x16: Meg/Sam lapdance/bondage is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

# Though uh, did they just leave the daeva in Chicago? XP THEY SHOULD BE GLAD MEG DIDN'T ACTUALLY DIE, THEN. Imagine how annoyed Ennis and all his friends would have been if there were random daevas prowling around their monster mob Chicago kingdom.

I'm still not entirely sure what a daeva is. Dean said lorelore something Caleb something Zoroastrian lore, and Sam flashbombed them under the impression that they were shadow demons--which apparently worked, even though Meg pointed out that they weren't shadows, they were "in the room--their shadows are just the only thing you can see. They're invisible."

So wouldn't it be equally likely that if the whole thing were some kind of crazy trap, Meg actually didn't have an daeva at all, and she was just dicking around with a hokey altar while concealing her actual use of hellhounds (which she redeploys in 5x10 to great effect)?

Not that it matters, really. But I'd be curious about how many monster species the Winchesters have misidentified but managed to dispatch anyway. It's important! For... For the phylogeny of monsterdom!

# Seriously, though. I think convincing Death not to decimate Chicago at the end of S5 was basically just cover-up karma for all the times the Winchesters have decided, well... fuck Chicago! We have a mytharc to pursue! To the Batmobile!
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