Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Livejournal or Nothing!!

From tebtosca, an excellent meme:

Hello, lovelies! As you might have seen going around your flist, it has been decreed (by very important people, surely!) that today will be "Everybody go post something random on Livejournal because that is still our community, dammit, and we want to take it back Day".

Here is how I spent my evening last night:

These pics are from about halfway through a move that culminates in a short drop after a scorpion-like pose that I am very fond of.

I'm sad, because when the semester starts up again I'll have seminars during my Monday and Tuesday aerial classes (who the fuck schedules a pedagogy seminar from 6-9 on a Monday idek idek idek), so I'll be out until January. :( I'll still have Thursdays and open gym on Sundays, but it's not the same. I may take it as an opportunity to add lyra (aerial hoop) to my repertoire, idk.

In that vein, I ALSO MAD, GUYS. Not only am I missing a fire arts event when I'm in California starting next week (!!!), but also a choreography workshop and a drops workshop. Why in the hell couldn't anything like that be scheduled for when I'm actually around? I miss everything! :(

Now YOU all go post your own random something or other, and then come back to spam this post here is pictures of your pets, or haikus about how excited Jared is about Director!Jensen today, or what you decided to eat for lunch (Me: Midwest-style sushi, which is basically just me making nigiri and topping them with goma wakame, wakame, and smoked wild Alaskan salmon).
Tags: pics or it didn't happen, strange tales from the midwestern front

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