Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

omg i know, i know /O\

How writing the POVs in this is going so far:

Dean: Great, we're on the same page.
Sam: Are you even on a page?
Dean: Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be on a page; that's just ridiculous, not being on a page.
Sam: Did you actually read my page?
Dean: Well... If I have a page, I read it twice.

Thanks for nothing, Dean, I hate you! And Sam, your "page" is mostly just off-topic, so don't think you're absolved of anything. XP I hate you, too! Good riddance to the both of you! Next time I'm just going to write Tracy Bell.

Okay. Keep me honest, guys. I will not access any social networks or other blackhole-type Internet things until I finish this second draft. The daily exception being spn_summergen. Now SHOO, SELF. SHOO.
Tags: fandom: spn, unapologetic hit-and-run, writing

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