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Positivity Meme #1

It's that time of week again, my lovely, long-suffering friends! America's Got Talent aired again last night, which means it's voting timeeee! The Top 12 performed, and 6 will go on to next week's competition. I'm not sure if the Top 6 will be the final, deciding night, because this Top 12 week was called "the finals," (thanks a lot for milking your air time, AGT...), but I know that they desperately deserve a slot.

If you'd like to cast your votes, I found an easier way to do so! You simply google "AGT 2014" and use Google's form to vote--it's way more intuitive than AGT's actual website. But if you prefer, here is AGT's unintuitive website! ;P I voted both ways because it didn't say you couldn't...

And if you're not in America but you like acrobatics (and/or shirtless muscular men), here's last night's performance anyway!:

♥ ♥ ♥

My cousin is the base for the flip at 0:40, the base at the front left at 0:58, and the base for the crowning balancing act at 1:22!

In other news, the skeevy demon-summoning magician guy is still in the competition and for some god-forsaken reason seems to be EXTREMELY popular. America, y u so... American. :\ One of the other magician acts reminds me of the Ghostfacers minus the ghost-facing in an adorable way, even though their act was rather...playground simple.

toratio tagged me for a positivity meme, as well. My 3 positive things for yesterday:

1. ACROARMY'S PERFORMANCE made me super, super proud, even on my livestream that had a pop-up ad that waved digital boobies at me every two minutes.

2. Both of my seminars (one about borderization and international borderlands after 1989, which is incredibly theory-heavy, and one about Native American literatures and political-historical [vs. ethnographic formal] frameworks) blew my mind yesterday.

3. My sister started this text conversation, apropos of nothing:

sister: We should get a guinea pig and name it Castiel.
me: What color would he be?
sister: you're supposed to say "we have guinea pig? where?"
me: Me, Cas. I'm the guinea pig. :\
Tags: academia, fandom: spn, the part where i solicit things, trufax

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