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Tonight, AcroArmy placed third in America's Got Talent, after a talented singer lady and a magician. I'm much chagrined that a damn magician won this thing, but it's hard to put too much stock in AGT and that world when I know, unshakably, exactly how amazing all of AcroArmy's performances were. That needs no validation.

It was really funny, because I was reading an AGT blog, and they were talking about how the winner of AGT is kind of an empty title (o rly?) because like American Idol or America's Next Top Model, the win doesn't really guarantee anything for the winner's career. And they were talking about record deals and venues and all these things.

Which made me think, is that what people get on AGT to do? Earn a career out of it?

I mean, my cousin and his acro partner auditioned for Cirque du Soleil, which would have been a career move--but that was separate from whatever AGT meant. These athletes are members of the National Gymnastics team; my cousin and his partner placed third at Worlds in Paris this past summer, and went to Nationals in Kentucky as well.

AGT was an opportunity to showcase the sport, their skills, and have the chance to perform in a huge theatre with all manner of splashy VFX, and yeah, that's something that's the chance of a lifetime--a tremendous experience. But their lives and their sport already extend far beyond AGT for them, and performing wasn't a "career move."

Performing was performing. And they got what they came for. They did what they came to do. And they fucking rocked it. ♥

But for the record, MAGICIANS. I DON'T GET IT. MAGIC ISN'T REAL, AMERICA. And America, I say that having dedicated the last six years of my life to a show called Supernatural!

Here marks the last time I will blather on this journal for such an extended period about something that isn't SPN! Apologies, flist! If it makes you feel any better, I just spent the last two hours on the #agt hashtag on Twitter, "watching" the results episode by reading the livetweets of it. This is the most soul-crushingly pathetic thing I have ever done in my life, and may actually be more soul-crushing than actually sitting through an entire episode of this show. BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU. AGT + TWITTER = NOT ME FBI, THE REAL FBI. HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE, AMERICA.
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