Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

What the fuck is wrong with this show????


I am, at this moment, more in love with SPN than I have ever been before, and let me tell you, that is a hiiiiiigh bar to be transcending. This is not how this is supposed to work. And I haven't even seen 10x03 yet!!

I was just watching a cultural commentary video, because it's part of the lesson plan for the more experienced instructor I'm supposed to be observing tomorrow. The commentary itself is about Frozen, but there's a split-second moment where Supernatural is referenced and I nearly had a glee heart attack just because the word came up. This is worse than that time I was taking that 18th/19th century British literature class, and every time my professor said the word "supernatural" (lowercase S) I felt it in a deep, visceral way that had really very little to do with 18th/19th century British literature.

tl;dr Just in case I haven't been clear, because I so rarely talk about it here, I love this fucking show.

ALSO, forget LJ exodus and fandom depopulation and all that noise. There are soooo many goodies going around it's making me so sad I can't keep up with all of them! I'm totally gunning for like, a day this weekend where I can just sit down and read/view all my flist's wonderful things and all spn_x's wonderful things, and all of spnspiration's wonderful things, and then revisit all of spn_summergen's wonderful things so I can go stalk the authors of all my favorite fics (THOUGH I AM ALREADY STALKING MANY OF YOU, AHAHA), and also steeplechasers's new masterlist and all of the wonderful things that entails (also I miss you already bb even though I'M PRETTY SURE WE TALKED BRIEFLY LIKE, YESTERDAY--I hope you have the time of your life at ChiCon with Casey!!), and caranfindel's new long!fic, which looks delicious. Y'all are making me extremely happy and excited and intellectually/emotionally stimulated. <33333333

Also, I'm pretty sure commenting on fan fiction and beta-reading for fandom has given me the endurance to survive teaching. SO MANY COMMENTS ON SO MANY PAPERS. SO MANY. Today I spent two and a half straight hours working with just two of my students on their current papers (and went straight from that to a planning meeting, to another planning meeting; between all that talk and teaching this morning, my throat is so sore/my voice is dyyying, gah, XP). And there will be more tomorrow. And Friday. And ever after. But hooooly marathon---! But anyway, as I was saying. This would be so much more exhausting if I didn't have all this fandom training. XD
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, unapologetic hit-and-run

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