Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Setting a record for number of ridiculous posts in a row right now.

God, it's going to be that kind of week. XP That is, a SPN kind of week. Not that every...week...isn't already a SPN kind of week, but the ones where you watch the episode and then suddenly the entire inner narrative of your life undergoes increasingly laughable SPN translations, and everything is like, "SAD SAM AND DEAN BUY GROCERIES, JUST LIKE ME. SAD SAM AND DEAN DO GRAD SCHOOL DO RESEARCH. SAD SAM AND DEAN BAKE A PIE."

So I guess now I'm soaking beans for a pie? For Dean? (And also Sam, because who can say no to bean pie?)

[Exceptionally superficial, largely unspoilery 10x03 thoughts]I have many thoughts and many emotions about 10x03, aside from its appalling use of flashbacks, but for now:

1. HANNAH BB. <333

2. I am so glad I posted that mixed media fic before 10x03, because LOL otherwise it would have been rendered entirely irrelevant. BUT I'M GLAD WE'RE ON THE SAME PAGE, SHOW. <3

3. Speaking of that fic, when I switched a piece of it from prose to script, I thought about editing the narration for this part; it seemed like fairly useless stage direction, because it was all so internal? But I kept it for the sake of preserving the text as artifact, and because I decided that with these guys, and this show? Yeah, they could convey that, no problem.

With respect to JA and JP's performances: Fucking. Nailed. It!!
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, salt being a spirit deterrent, spn x

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