Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

wasn't even a good idea at the time!

So, this week I've been writing the worst fic ever. Like, LET ME TAKE YOUR BUGS AND MONSTER MAFIAS AND RAISE YOU ONE, SHOW levels of worst fic ever. And I think more than anything, this fic has been an experiment in sympathy.  Because you know, there's always that episode where we're like "who in god's name thought this was a good idea?!"  Writing this, I've ascertained that it's entirely possible that when a thing gets written, no one actually thought it was a good idea...ever.  

Because this fic wasn't even a good idea at the time. Waaaaaaasn't even a good idea at the time.  XP But for some reason I just keep writing it, and I think at this point I've accepted that I am writing it still is because at some point... I started writing it. Like, there is no better reason. And it's not even like I'm actually hoping it will come together at some point, or that I expect it to work out well in the end.

And ultimately, I think it's entirely possible that the only reason I haven't just trashed it is because this whole process feels extremely thematically salient with respect to S9/S10.

And uh, I'm kind of really into that, ngl. >.>
Tags: fandom: spn, spn x, writing

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