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Notes for "Rewrite Me" and "Durham Beach"

Notes for Rewrite Me and Durham Beach.

- "Rewrite Me" is probably the only thing I've ever written where the title is actually alive and important to the meaning of the fic, rather than simply descriptive of the fic (or not actually all that descriptive of the fic, as it were, XD). Now that I've recognized that quality in this one, it makes me wonder if I've been doing titles wrong this whole time. IS THIS WHAT ALL TITLES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. WHAT ARE TITLES.

- "Durham Beach," on the other hand...haha. My headcanon for my headcanon goes something like the Winchesters being on a beach and then ending up in Durham and later referencing the two separate experiences as one occurrence on "Durham Beach," a conflation of both places and itself an entirely fictitious place. Of course, later they don't actually remember this shorthand, and just start referring to the whole thing--when they bother to refer to it--as having happened on Durham Beach, clearly! None of that has anything to do with anything, but Memory is InterestingTM.

- the Lucky Numbers in "Rewrite Me": 200 for our upcoming 10x05, 37 for how old Dean will be if he makes it to 2016/an S11, and 2, because he is not alone.

- These pieces were mostly just a space for me to spit emotions somewhere, truth be told; it doesn't have the groundedness or material specificity that I generally prefer to write. But I gently reminded myself that there is nothing wrong with "spitting emotions" as a genre, because sometimes that really just needs to happen before anything else can. And I don't think I should keep trying to resist that.
Tags: fandom: spn, writing

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