Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Silly Meme

1. Dean
2. Uriel, the funniest angel in the garrison! Fuck yeah Robert Wisdom!
3. the demon in 10x03 who chose self-immolation over serving in Crowley's Hell -- that guy is so underrated, seriously
4. "evil," idk but I loved Jeffrey (and his demon) from 7x15 "Repo Man"
5. S6, 9, or 10
6. variable, but often it's 1x14 "Nightmare"
7. Lisa/Meg, Lisa/Donna, Sam/Dean, weird fascination with Dean/Richie (that guy from "Sin City")
8. Michael--the threat of him, moreso than his actuality
9. Charlie in 9x04 and Gabriel in 9x18; they're great elsewhere, though!
10. Rachel Miner ♥
11. "Most folks live and die without moving more than the dirt it takes to bury them. You get to change things. Save people." -- Zachariah, of all people

God, these answers make me look like a freak of nature when they're all lined out like that! >.<

But really now. Zachariah's quote, immolation!demon, and "Nightmare"? Totally underrated! And yes yes, one of these days I will get over 9x04. XD But 6x09 had to pass the baton to something!
Tags: fandom: spn, mememe

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