Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Dean probably doesn't notice when his birthday is or isn't, let's be real. But I do, so...

The last thing I Photoshopped was a missing dog poster, so I wanted to work on something less upsetting. (Which, oh man. I wrote in my journal yesterday that mornings were getting less painful without her, but I spoke too soon. I woke up today and I just want to throw up, because I don't know where she is, or if she's safe, or if I will ever see her again.)

But anyway. This is the first time I've drawn a Dean that wasn't a stick figure!

Title: Happy Birthday, Dean!
Medium: animation
Rating: G
Warnings: really obnoxious flashing animation
Summary: love and happiness / wait a minute / something's going wrong -- Al Green

In addition to Dean's 30-somethingth, a few days ago this journal turned ten! I told one of my colleagues that I'd recently taken up journaling by hand, but that I'd kept an "online blog that said excited things about TV" for many years. He thought I was crazy for keeping a blog about TV. WELL THEN. XD
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, pics or it didn't happen

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