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Find Lily

My sister's methods of dog-searching are getting wilder and wilder; there's so much to her designs you feel like they have to work because they're so theatrical they all but require standard storytelling form--beginning, middle, end.

Since I am in Michigan and can't contribute beyond my having taken up residence on Craigslist and various other lost/found/for sale places on the Internet, I made a Lily vid:

The first question you ask yourself when you start making music videos about your dog is what, exactly, the efficacy is of such a project. 20 people have seen this video, and half of those are probably just my immediate family members to begin with. But I think it's a worthy enterprise. It made me feel better while I was making it.

But mostly my goal is to refuse people the right to forget. To populate her Facebook page with enough pictures and stories and other memorabilia such that people who see them remember who she is, and that she is not home. Because in the words of Sam Winchester--here we're ignoring the fact most of the people in the episode in question ended up dead--"People don't just disappear. Other people just stop looking for them."

To lighten the mood, last night I replied to someone's Craigslist ad saying they'd found a small dog in some town really not that close to ours, but whatever. They replied back in the negative, saying that the one they'd found was a "Datsun mix."


So in the spirit of this mixup, please brighten your Friday evening with a Datsun hybrid--or as we say on Craigslist, a Datsun "mix":

In other RL news, I went to a memorial service today for a professor in our department, who'd been undergoing experimental treatments for cancer for the past six years. His book, which underpinned one of my major papers in undergrad, is flawless and when I met with him as a prospective graduate student, his welcome was one of the reasons I decided to matriculate here. He will be dearly missed.
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