Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

(not quite) spring showers

Guess who started crying on the bus today while listening to her routine music and thinking about being overwhelmed preemptively drafting what she is going to say to her advisor on Tuesday. YES, IT WAS ME.

At the grocery store today, there was a woman sitting in her motorized wheelchair by all the cheese and bawling, so apparently it's just that kind of day today. (On a sidenote, I gotta commend the two store managers for bringing their Compassion & Customer Service A Game--they were really, really great.)

I don't have any idea where the time went today--this whole week, really, but today especially. All I managed to do was read two chapters for the workshop I'm leading on Thursday, make two phone calls, and work on a circus routine my duo partner and I are performing next Saturday for two hours. It took approximately two hours to get there and back, and it took two hours to walk to the grocery store and back, but it still doesn't stack up. If time was going to slip away, I feel like I should have at least let it slip doing something for leisure. But no.

I just want to have something to show for the day that just happened.
Tags: timetimetime

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