Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

random note on various proudnesses

* JP's "Always Keep Fighting" campaign in its entirety. <333333333333333

edit: Also, does anyone know the people running the "donate a shirt to someone in fandom" program on Tumblr? Or has anyone done it/does it work? I don't mean to be full of side-eye; it's just that the last time I participated in a thing on Tumblr I walked away from it with the vow, "AHAHAHAHA NEVER, EVER AGAIN." But this would be exception-worthy, I think.

* It makes me really happy to see (hear?) that over the past six years or so JA has gone from being embarrassed about quietly singing a little bit of a song at a con to rocking out to the best and loudest of the 80s for the full four minutes. :') Maybe it's the Vegas in the air or something.

* Speaking of Vegas, my cousin--if you remember my incessant posts about his acro team and America's Got Talent--started working full-time with La Reve, which has been widely hailed the "best production show" in Las Vegas. SO awesome. There aren't words to adequately describe how much a fear and loathe Las Vegas (or maybe it's just the NV/CA border-crossing that's a PitA, I don't know), but I desperately want to go to Vegas now to see him perform.

Which, hey, if you're in town for J2 et al this weekend, GO SEE LA REVE!!!
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