Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

I want YOU(r first-born sentences)

* Let's summarize RL as "too much" and put a pin in that. But I'm maybe a few days from getting everything from last week's To Do list done, which is genuinely exciting. I realize I'm saying this with "a few days" already putting us at the end of this week, but still.

* Fandom-wise, SPN comes back tonight!!! ♥ Though that means I will probably disappear again in a futile attempt to avoid spoilers. I have some sense of the contents of 10x10-10x14, which I've still not seen, but I don't have any clue where 10x15 onward is headed and, for real this time, I'd really like to keep it that way until I get there. Of course, at this point I'm so behind I'm just like, fuck it, I'll pretend I gave up SPN for Lent and have myself an Easter blowout or something. But it's heartening to know that even if I've not actually seen Show yet, I am sooooooooooo very much in love with it and even without visual confirmation I am pretty sure this is my favorite season. Yes, even over S6. And S9.

* I made a poor life decision and stayed up late to start my BB last night--only 18,900 words to go! It's ended up not being in the first-person, but I'm still not entirely comfortable with the style of it. The language just feels very superficial, and I can't decide whether that's what I wanted or not. Case in point, first sentence:


Which, as always, I'm really just sharing because I want to see yours!

What are your first sentences, flist? And if you're not working on a BB, what's the first sentence/a sentence you have written of your current WIP?

Can be SPN fic, or any other fic, or original, or even a school/work sentence.
Tags: fandom: spn, writing

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