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shopping for Sam Winchester

I have a vie_dangerouse visiting me! ♥

Last night we went to a Murder Mystery 30s themed dinner, which was fabulous. We dressed to the occasion and both wore slinky red dresses, no holds barred. I mentioned how in love I was with my new slinky red dress ($5 thrift store buy!), and caranfindel mentioned wanting photographic evidence, so here is some:


We were the dweebs taking photos in the car in the parking lot, and it was cold outside, so there aren't any full body shots, but here is vaguely more of the dress. I feel like a dumdum posting a picture of just me, just sitting in a car, under a cut this goes:

Embarrassing selfie session.

We've also done a fair bit of thrifting since her arrival, and though I know that my thrifting purchases are oh so incredibly interesting to people who aren't me, I'm very excited about them, so bear with me and/or just keep scrolling. XP

I kept having this problem where I'd go though things deciding whether or not Sam Winchester would wear them, or whether I should make him wear them, which

1) I would not mind being Sam Winchester's thrift store personal shopper, but
2) that doesn't actually help me buying things for me very much.

But there were moose pajama pants and a moose coffee mug in the same pattern. Surely these have a place in some terrible Sam/Crowley domestic!AU or something.

I did not end up acting on any of my "shopping for Sam Winchester" items, but I did get a right-sized leather jacket for $10. It even has an additional zip-in liner for colder months, which is EXCELLENT because, being an obstinate Californian, I refuse to purchase an actual winter coat. I've made it through two Michigan winters with nothing more than a leather jacket (and underlayers) so the remaining four can suck it. This also means that I do not have an immediate need to sew my previous leather jacket back together, so that's convenient.

I also bought a rainbow stripes crop top for circus purposes for 50 cents, so maybe I did act on a "shopping for Sam Winchester" purchase after all:


Last night I had a dream that I posted my spnspiration fic, but when I logged onto the Internet next I saw that one of you had posted negative feedback to it! And then some random stranger had added to the thread agreeing and further elaborating! XP And like, I'd definitely rather you guys told me these things rather than not, for sure. But at the same time I was like... well, this is a gift!fic for someone and now there's all this crit attached to it and that's a bit awkward...

I imagine that "your" negative feedback is really just negative feedback I needed to tell myself, re: this fic, but jesus Self! There are kinder ways to go about that, especially without implicating your flist! XP Plus I haven't even finished the fic yet, so dreaming up a negative response seems a bit premature. Right now I just want to finish it! D;

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