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And speaking as someone who just spent a bit of time at the Apple Store today, goddamn, smartphones are nice. I want one.

I spent some time running through specs on computers I might buy if Samputer really did die for real, trying to decide whether I really needed a Retina display, or exactly how much processor speed was worth paying for, and reading reviews about the "fuzzy" display of the non-Retina Macbook Air, etc.

Then I stopped and I was just like, hold up a minute, self:

1) Apple now makes phones with more disk space than this computer has
2) because when I bought this computer, Lucifer was still in the process of rising and Rachel!Meg didn't even exist yet, so no matter what the specs of a new computer might be, they will be astronomically better than I have ever experienced, so it doesn't matter! Plus, something tells me that when you're watching a 720p MP4 you downloaded off the Internet, the display quality of your 13.3" laptop is probably not the limiting constraint. XD

But none of that matters because SAMPUTER LIVES!!

* This post makes it sound like my laptop basically exists solely to power my SPN habit. I'd object to this but no, no. That's probably pretty true.
Tags: better to be a pirate than join the navy, mistaking reality for spn again

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