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"you can't tell someone they're in love with you"

I wonder if Ludacris knows where that pic is from?

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Outside of spnfiltration that I didn't even need to manufacture myself, Furious 7 is giving me really complicated feelings. The movie itself isn't complicated--though it's quintessentially Fast--but the making of it certainly was, and if "all roads lead to this" was the tagline for 6, that certainly holds true in this case. I sort of zombie my way through Friday (though I did get Samputer fixed) and got the bare minimum done today, because I had to keep taking time out to be ~emotionally delicate. I just feel twisted and sad. I can't shake this compulsion to just drown myself in that movie and see it over and over again. Which is typically me, of course--I'm a rewatcher and a marathoner and I find comfort in the aggressively repetitive. I guess, like. Watching PW's older films is really cathartic--especially feel-good stuff like Pleasantville, or Varsity Blues, or even Into the Blue (my #1 go-to pick-up movie ever, and also the worst movie ever made). But this was just hard--and I feel like, increasingly harder as time elapses. And I feel like I can't convey the extent of this to anyone--again, my classic problem. I wanted to bring it up to my dad, because I called him, and failed completely.

Also, since I opened with spnfiltration: PW has this one movie I cannot get through called The Lazarus Project. It's about this guy who is executed, but ends up revived under mysterious circumstances--that is, an angel grips him tight and raises him from perdition. The angel is not particularly sociable, and Heaven's apparently a pretty militant operation. (Sound familiar yet?) But the drama comes from the fact that even though he's been revived, he cannot return to his wife and daughter, and they cannot know he's back again. And he can't ditch the program and go to them, because the angel raised him from Hell, and he can throw the guy back in. It's just too much. :(
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