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Things I Hate: When someone says something on the Internet that you're just FUNDAMENTALLY AT ODDS WITH and you disagree with to a disproportionate degree, because it's really not a particularly volatile statement (so like, I'm not talking about dumb shit on the Internet, or wanky shit on the Internet; normal things people say on the Internet). And on one level it's vaguely pedagogical, because you think the statement they're making just doesn't have the level of contemplation behind it that it needs (or so you think, anyway); and on the other, it's personal, and you know there's no point at that point, because You're Right, They're Wrong (or vice versa, from their POV, probably), and you wouldn't be there to actually talk, if you responded back. You'd just be there to Be Right and then get upset and overinvested in something that's literally not even that contentious. But you can't let it go, because you're a bad person, so you just spend the rest of the evening having a fake version of that conversation in your head, with yourself. Even though obsessing over how wrong someone is on the Internet, and then obsessing about knowing you cannot have that conversation about how wrong that person is on the Internet, doesn't feel that great. YOU STILL CAN'T LET IT GO.

Phew, that felt good. But while I'm throwing anonymous LJ shade, might as well do Facebook, because this one's been building up for a while, too: It bothers me more than it should when one of my friends posts these intellectual-sounding truisms as her FB statuses, and then FB proceeds to validate their existence by agreeing, or praising the depth of the statement. THERE IS NO DEPTH. IT IS A TRUISM. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. Not that FB is this bastion of really critical, well-honed debate, for the most part. And like, why should it be, really? That's not what I want to do when I'm Facebook, in any case. But it bothers me that there's that combination of pseudo-intellectualism PLUS affirmation of its worth on the part o the peanut gallery. GAH.

Things I Love: This song. Because it ain't ever getting old. Rock has no expiration date.

With regard to yesterday's claustrophobic desire to peace out and DRIVE WEST, there's still no car but I now have plane tickets to Idaho and Seattle and California and also South Africa. That last's not west, but it's certainly out. I may also be moving soon; I hope so. If I do, I can use the extra money I'll save in rent plus next year's fellowship to buy a car--and then we'll roll.

Plus, there've been multiple points where I've seen $662RT flights to Japan, so it seems like a reasonably common (SUPER) deal. I definitely want to capitalize on that as soon as I actually have, uh, a travel cash reserve again. There's a lot of places I want to go that I haven't been before, but Japan's the motherland, man; it's allowed to cut to the front of the line again. It occupies that state of exception.
Tags: fandom: spn, you can't take the sky from me

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