Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

not a sound on the pavement

Today we were circus training, and my friend wanted me to check her wraps for a drop we'd learned on Thursday. But not only did I not remember how to set up the drop, I didn't remember learning it at all. I had this vague flash memory of two small pieces of it, but the actual moment, the memory of standing there and having it demonstrated--and apparently dropping it multiple times were completely unavailable to me. Thursday wasn't even that long ago! Even though it sure feels like it. And I mean, sure, I always have blocks of time that I don't remember wasting, or class discussions that have been abandoned prematurely to the fuzziness of eternity long past. Sometimes I keep a by-the-hour record of what I did in a given week, just to see, and I still end up with blackout squares where I really couldn't tell you where that Sunday morning went.

But jesus, you'd think I'd at least remember throwing myself through the air multiple times. The only part I remember is that you have to catch yourself midway through, or you'll fall.

My friend walked me through this whole hour piece by piece--you did it on both sides, remember? because Erica said it hurt more on the non-dominant side--and I still don't remember any of this.

Ugh. Overwhelmed and overstimulated. I just want to stay in bed tomorrow.
Tags: strange tales from the midwestern front, trufax

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