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Jesus christ, I feel like this is like some kind of karmic retribution! I took some time off this morning, and instead of working on this paper I'm supposed to have I watched 10x10, 10x11, and 10x14 (only 10x12 and 10x13 to go!). Which, you know, felt pretty good.

Then I get this call from Amtrak, and they rescheduled a train I'm taking for a time that doesn't actually work for me. Fine, whatever. Call them, get that straightened out, take a new train that gets me into the city six hours earlier than one could ever want to be there. Again, whatever.

Then I get an email from my credit union that's like, btw, your last two payments were denied because they were account overdrafts from your savings account. And I was like, OKAY I'M POSITIVE THEY CERTAINLY WERE NOT. So I spend an hour on hold with them, and am ultimately told that it's not about the money in the account; there's actually a monthly cap on the number of transfers I can make in a given month. And I'm like, jesus, really? (And how have I never hit this cap before??)

So I contacted the two businesses where my payments bounced about paying by alternate means (uh, embarrassing). But okay, fine.

Then I realized that this month is only half over. So initially I thought, WELL HAHA I GUESS IT'S GOING TO BE RICE AND THESE CANS OF GARBANZO BEANS FOR FOOD FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH THEN. Until I realized that, right, I own a credit card, I can put things on said credit card. A+

Er, except for the rent check, which, being a check, withdraws straight from my checking account. Which presently has no money in it, because I keep everything in savings so it will collect some infinitesimally larger amount of interest. And I can't make any transfers until next month, apparently.

So now I guess I get to explain to my landlord why he should not cash my rent check until after May 1st please (over a week after I plan to hand it to him)?

Since my lease is up in a month and I'm kinda maybe supposed to be in the process of renewing it, I'M SURE THAT WILL MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION.

Or I could pay it in cash. Though that probably wouldn't improve my impression, because handing people large cash sums in this day and age is kind of shady. Especially when people are like, uhhhh, why do you have this sum of money in cash, anyway? And my only honest response is that, well, just in case of Y2K? Just in case of Apocalypse? Just in case I need to flee the country in a hurry for some reason?? I DON'T KNOW.

Plus, today was going to be the day I finally call the insurance people and attempt to re-file my claim that I initially tried to file a full year ago and was only recently told that they didn't even have on file in the first place. :F But I have no desire to sit on hold for any more of my day. /O\

I also just realized that the reason the credit union was so swamped with calls probably had to do with taxes. So despite the fact that I filed my taxes MONTHS ago, somehow I still got swept up in that. Cool!

Long story short, still no paper, I don't even like garbanzo beans that much, and I am definitely watching SPN tonight because FUCK everything. XP
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